Alaska Vacation 2003

Once again, we have taken another vacation! This time to Alaska for 8 days with our friends Jon & Kelly. The 4 of us flew from Denver to Anchorage via Seattle on Saturday, August 23rd. We rented an RV so we could be mobile throughout Alaska. We spent the first 2 nights in Anchorage, drove down south to Whittier and Seward where we spent another 2 nights. Then we drove back north all the way to Nancy Lake State Recreation Area where we spent just one night and then proceed up to Denali National Park where we spent 2 nights at Savage River Campground inside the park. Saturday the 30th we drove back down to Anchorage and caught a red-eye early Sunday morning to get back to Denver at about 10:30am on the 31st.

It rained at least a little bit every day of our trip as we found out fall had set in around Alaska. This wasn't as bad as it sounds - the rain was heavy while in Seward, but not so bad once we went north - usually only a few light showers overnight when we were at Denali. We saw almost every kind of wildlife you would expect to see in Alaska including Grizzly's (10 different bears!), Moose, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Orca Whales, Sea Otters, Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Puffins.....the list goes on and on! So are you ready to see what we saw? Hopefully you are as we have now posted almost every picture that we took on the trip here on our site.

This time, we have one album of digital photos (~190), followed by each roll of film that was shot on our new camera (7 rolls). We still have about a dozen or so digital pics to be posted as well as another dozen or so film pics from the last roll that is still in our camera so come back later to see more pics!

A few notes about browsing through the pages: While you are in each rolls set of pics, you can see in the title bar of your browser window (at the top) how many pages of thumbnails there are of that given day. I've also added links at the bottom of each thumbnail page to help you navigate through the different rolls without having to come back to this page. Enjoy!

NOTE: On September 24, we've added photos from Jon & Kelly's camera to the site. Unfortunately, they have been unable to get all rolls digitally from their developer but we do have 5 rolls below. They are in no particular order but most of their pics are awesome so check them out!

Last updated 9/24/03