The Early Days

The Early Days were good....hard to remember them now of course. So much has passed, so much has happened. Life was a lot easier back then. But I'm glad I survived them because the dividends paid, such as learning to sit on my own, learning to make various noises, and teaching my parents how to get me toys when I demand them...well, I wouldn't trade them for the world! Time to harken back to those days...enjoy my pictures from The Early Days.

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(added: 11/11)
First Days
(added: 11/14)
Jacob At Home
(added: 11/17 updated: 11/25)
Jacob's First Thanksgiving
(added: 11/25)
Jacob At One Month
(added: 12/09 updated: 2/06)
Jacob's First Professional Photos (added: 12/23)

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