My First Vacation

Mommy and Daddy decided to take me on my first roadtrip when I was just 7 weeks old! We left home as soon as daddy landed at DIA on Thursday, December 29th and drove through a really neat blizzard in the mountains at night! Mommy was a little scared, but daddy is a great driver. It helped that CDOT scared everyone away from the mountains by saying there were "Heavy Delays Ahead" on all their signs when in fact no one was going our direction! Anyway, we made it over 2 mountain passes and finally reached our destination - my first night in a motel, the wonderful Super 8 in Parachute, Colorado.

After several quick naps (I still like to wake mommy up every couple of hours so I can scream at her until she feeds me!), we took off again, destination: LAS VEGAS BABY!!! (I'm the baby, get it?) I got to meet my "Uncle" Chad and his mommy. Turns out, me and Uncle Chad have something in common - a receeding hairline! But I bet mine grows back before his! We had a good time at Chad's apartment where we spent the night, and then headed on to rainy Southern California.

Before we saw rain though, I learned a lot of expletives when daddy got real mad 'cause some big dust storm kicked a rock into our brand new Pilot, causing a big crack in the windshield and a crease on daddy's forehead. He wasn't too happy. We moved on anyway and hit a downpour about an hour before our destination of San Diego. I cried as we got close because I was real hungry (again), but then I was happy 'cause we got to see my grandma and grandpa Zackary!

It was a good time as we just kicked back and relaxed until the rains stopped. I met all sorts of new folks like Cathy and John Lapoint, Miss Ann, and Mary Doyle! My Uncle Brian and his girlfriend Ellie bought me all sorts of neat University of Puget Sound stuff so I will fit right in whenever mommy and daddy make a lot more money so they can send me there! Once it finally was sunny out, mommy and daddy took me to the beach! It was real pretty, but I was a little too cranky to actually touch the it was still a little chilly. We went for a walk around mommy's childhood neighborhood where it's real hilly and I learned that daddy gets tired pretty easily! We stopped back in at the Lapoints house and I got to hear doggies bark and bark and bark before I met Mr. Bo. I proved to everyone that no matter how loud doggies are, I can always fall asleep!

It was time for us to leave so we spent all day driving and ended up at my second hotel - a Best Western near Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah. We got in late so we just went to bed, but then, in the morning, we went out and saw some real pretty stuff! I didn't see a whole lot cause it was soooo cold (18 degrees) and mommy just kept tucking me into my car seat no matter how hard I tried to kick my way out. Mommy and I spent most of the time in the car (except for the time daddy put me on the hood of a car cause he thought it would be cute) while daddy went around taking all these pictures that you'll see here. He kept telling us how pretty it was! Afterwards, we continued on Highway 12 which some say is one of the prettiest drives in all of the U.S. and they aren't lying...we saw all sorts of neat stuff along the way including a bald eagle soaring above the road! Eventually, we got to another National Park, Capitol Reef. It's also real pretty but we didn't spend that much time there since it was pretty small and we wanted to get on back home.

We ended the night back in Colorado where we stayed at the Doubletree in Grand Junction. We watched some football in the hotel and then I put this all together for you to read! Tomorrow morning, we're gonna get up bright and early and head on home - hoping to avoid bad weather and skier traffic....if all goes well, we'll be home around noontime and my first vacation will be over.

I got to see my first 5 states (Colorado, Utah, Arizona - briefly, Nevada, and California), 3 different hotels, 2 National Parks, and lots of friends and family! It was a great adventure....I think I like this travel thing - we'll have to do it more often! Alrighty, have fun looking at all the pictures from our trip!

On to the pictures....

Last modified 1/7/06