Montana/Flathead Lake Vacation 2003

Welcome, all, to the pictures of our vacation to Seattle and Montana in 2003. Erin and I took a flight out to Seattle on a Wednesday morning where we hooked up (almost) immediately with Trent and Noelle Grigsby - hopped in their Yukon with their new boat attached - and drove straight to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana where we spent 5 days at the Zackary home on the lake. Even though the weather wasn't perfect (only one real good day of weather in Montana), I still managed to shoot 240 pics during our 7 day vacation. Seeing as how it was such a high number of pics, I decided to split them up by the day the pics were taken. So feel free to browse through our trip by clicking on the links below.

A few notes about browsing through the pages: While you are in each days set of pics, you can see in the title bar of your browser window (at the top) how many pages of thumbnails there are of that given day. I've also added links at the bottom of each thumbnail page to help you navigate through the different days without having to come back to this page. Enjoy!

Last updated 6/30/03