Erin & Mike's Home
is Sold!!!

NEW UPDATE...We have sold our home! We no longer live in our townhome, but have recently purchased and moved into a new home. See the pictures here!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...We are now under contract and have started the exhausting task of finding our new home on the other side of town. We have narrowed it down and will be putting in an offer soon. Check back here to see photos when we get them!

Well, after almost 2.5 years in our first owned-home, we have decided to sell it. It has served it's purpose well, but now our family is growing and we have outgrown the space. Our realtor has put a link to this website so any prospective buyers can view any and all of the pictures that I took when the home was being built. Please understand that I have not updated anything beyond this page since the home was finished back in 2003.

To see the official listing of our home, you can look at it at and/or at Virtual tours should be available soon if they aren't already!

Below are the links into the rest of the content about our home. Mostly images with text descriptions of what was happening at that time. Enjoy and if you are interested in scheduling a showing, please contact our realtor, David De Elena at 303-302-4733.

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  • January 4, 2003 (31 pics)
    • Went in to measure our windows and see that most of the baseboards are installed and about 3/4 are caulked. Took a few pics of broken windows for the builders to see and still waiting for the crown moulding on the small cabinets above the refrigerator space. At this point the locks have been installed on the doors and are being used so no more visits after hours. Outside, they have installed our fence posts for our backyard.
  • December 2002
  • November 2002
  • October 2002
  • August/September 2002

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